ProView Elite Astigmatism Contact Lenses


Proview Elite daily disposable lenses fit effortlessly into your day.

ProView Elite contact lenses feature an aberration neutralising system that is specifically adjusted for each power to give excellent vision. The silicone hydrogel material provides a high oxygen level to the eye for healthier lens wear. Natural wettability from ProLabel’s silicone hydrogel technology allows all-day comfort. Daily disposability means fresh, sterile lenses everyday.

  • Thanks to oxygen-efficient Smart Silicone® chemistry, ProView Elite lenses by Provision deliver the optimal balance of breathability, comfort and easy handling
  • Silicone hydrogel with high oxygen transmissibility
  • Easy handling
  • UV inhibitor*

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ProView Elite Prescription (P/C/A)

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Brand ProVision
Product Name ProView Elite Astigmatism
Prescription Type Single Vision Toric
Wear Schedule
Material Hydrogel
Diameter 14.5mm
Base Curve (B.C) 8.6mm
UV Blocking No


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